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2012-04-24 04:55:23 JOBS;ORG;
905-477-2333; 416-618-6833 Email:
APSA will provide the following benefits to our members:1. We can help APSA members to file income tax return and the costs for only $5.2. We have Home stay program in western style family that can help our APSA members to settle in therefore, cut the living cost and access for learning English skills.3. We offer our members for free to apply Universities or Colleges.4. We can offer discounts for English programs; 5. We can give discounts to our members for Chinese magazine or video rental.6. We will organize informative and fun outdoor activities for our members.7. We offer a discount health insurance group plans to APSA members.8. We communicate with members regularly, and arrange to meet students in various schools, fields, and countries. 9. We providing APSA members legal consultation, to help them file visa extensions and prepare documents for immigration applications.10.We can offer group trips within Canada, and special group value flight ticket prices.地址:7077 Kennedy Road, Unit 210Toronto, Ontario, L3R 0N8 Canada 电话:905-477-2333; 416-618-6833热线:(416)898-2616传真:(905)477-2077Email:;
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